Friends of Lake Panorama is a public charity organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, and is completely separate from the Lake Panorama Association and Lake Panorama National. All contributions to the nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity are tax deductible.

The charity’s seven-member board of directors is focused on improving existing facilities at Lake Panorama’s two golf courses and three beaches, plus developing new recreational amenities as funds allow.

New sports courts at Boulder Beach is the current priority project. Friends raised $75,000 for the project, and the Lake Panorama Association is matching that amount to complete the full $150,000 project. Site preparation was done last September, and construction got underway in May. Thanks to all those who helped make this possible!

Friends of Lake Panorama will continue to solicit donations to help pay for additional sports courts expenses such as benches and signage. While donations of all sizes are welcome, only donors of $500 or more can be recognized on the Friends website. A sign listing these larger donors will be installed near the courts. To be recognized on the donor sign, contributions of $500 or more must be received by July 12, 2018.

Donations also can be made to five other funds. There is a general fund, plus funds for Boulder, Shady, and Sunset beaches. And there is a Golf Course Beautification fund, where donors can designate Lake Panorama National or Panorama West. Money donated to these five funds will be used for targeted projects approved by the Friends board.