LPN Renovations Honor Dr. David Wang

Sixteen years after his death, the family of a former Panora dentist and Lake Panorama resident found a unique way to honor his memory.

On August 17, 2002, Dr. David Wang, at the age of 40, gave his life while saving a child in Lake Panorama. He and his family were entertaining friends on their boat when Wang spotted the boy in need of help. While the child was rescued, Wang never recovered from the shock of the cold water.

Wang was an avid golfer who enjoyed the men’s league and other golf events at Lake Panorama National. Off the course, Wang could be found at the LPN bar enjoying a beer after a round of golf, or in the LPN dining room for Sunday dinners with his family.

The Wang family donated $10,000 to Friends of Lake Panorama, and asked the money be used at Lake Panorama National. After consultations with staff, they decided a major portion of their donation could be used to renovate the LPN dining room.

The renovations include new artwork and furnishings. The artwork consists of 23 photos taken by Michael Kleinwolterink, and printed on metal. Five are of different Lake Panorama scenes, and hang on the north and south walls of the dining room. The remaining prints line hallway leading to the dining room. There is one print for each of the 18 holes on the LPN golf course.

The old dining room chairs dated to the mid-1980s when the conference center was first built. The Wang gift made it possible to purchase 80 black, stackable chairs. Four new tables, water goblets and centerpieces round out the updates.

A plaque honoring Dr. Wang was hung on the west wall of the dining room.