Sunset Beach Playground Fundraiser a Success

A two-day sale raised about $1,700 to donate to Friends of Lake Panorama. The funds will be used to help build a new playground at Sunset Beach.

The Friends of Lake Panorama received nonprofit designation in July, so all contributions to the charity are tax deductible. Donations will help create new recreational amenities and improve existing amenities at Lake Panorama’s beaches, golf courses and other community property.

Fundraising is underway for two new projects. One is a destination playground at Sunset Beach that will cost about $120,000 to complete the entire project. The other is renovation of two tennis courts and the addition of a basketball court at Lake Panorama National.

The sale was Nov. 7-8 in the Panorama West community room. Several families living in the Sunset Beach neighborhood, plus elsewhere at Lake Panorama, brought items for the sale. Some donated a portion of the proceeds from their items, while others donated all proceeds from their items to the Friends nonprofit.

Some of the Sunset Beach group also baked cookies and bars that were available, along with coffee, for freewill donations. A display showing the proposed Sunset Beach playground was in the community room throughout the sale, along with additional information about the Friends of Lake Panorama.

Organizers expressed thanks to those who donated items, who purchased items, and who made additional donations above the cost of items they were purchasing. That type of generosity helped push the total to the $1,700 mark.