Friends of Lake Panorama Board Researching Potential Projects

The Friends of Lake Panorama board of directors met July 21, 2014, with much of the discussion focused on potential projects for a fundraising campaign. Board members are considering several options, with its first campaign this fall raising money for targeted projects on both the west and east sides of Lake Panorama.

The Friends of Lake Panorama is a public charity organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, and is completely separate from the Lake Panorama Association and Lake Panorama National.

A July 2 letter from the IRS stated Friends of Lake Panorama is exempt from federal income tax, and contributions to the public charity are deductible under federal law. The letter also stated the group is qualified to receive “tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts.”

The Friends of Lake Panorama board of directors includes Kirk Fischer, Bob McCleeary, Jan Reinicke, James Spradling, Tricia Steffen, Kent Stephenson and Jodi Sutton. Susan Thompson is assisting the group.

The board’s emphasis is on improving existing facilities, and developing new recreational amenities to benefit the Lake Panorama community.

At its July 21 meeting, the board formed two subcommittees. James Spradling agreed to chair the playground/sports court committee, with Jodi Sutton chairing the giving levels/recognition subcommittee.

The board approved taking over responsibility for the LPN teebox sponsorship program. It began in 2008 to raise money for the construction of Spikes, the restroom and snack facility located on the golf course. As initial contracts expire, sponsors can keep their signs in place at an annual cost of $500. Since Spikes was completed, money raised with this program has helped fund two on-course bathrooms, a keg cooler, new flagsticks, distance markers, ball washers and more.

For some businesses, and all individuals, routing funds through the nonprofit Friends of Lake Panorama would be advantageous. As in the past, money raised through the program will be committed to improvements at Lake Panorama National. Current teebox sponsors have received letters explaining the change and asked for ongoing commitments. Once the list of current supporters is final, remaining holes will be offered to new donors.