Donations to Friends of Lake Panorama Reach $35,000

More than $35,000 was donated to the Friends of Lake Panorama in the last six weeks of 2014. A mid-November mailing to all LPA members included details of the nonprofit organization, its two current priority projects and a donation guide.

The Friends of Lake Panorama is a 501(c)(3) charity focused on improving recreational amenities at Lake Panorama. All contributions to the nonprofit are tax deductible, and all donors receive a receipt to use when filing their tax returns.

The mailing encouraged donations to two current priority projects. Nearly $19,000 has been donated so far to support a new playground at Sunset Beach. To date, the project’s largest donors are Dan and Melissa Pflieger, who gave $5,000 to the playground project.

More than $8,000 has been donated to renovate two tennis courts and add a basketball court at Lake Panorama National. Additional support for the sports courts project will come from $5,500 raised so far from 2015 LPN Granite Club members.

Granite Club members are recognized with granite signs on tee boxes on the LPN golf course. Currently there are seven holes on the course available for new Granite Club members. Efforts to promote new Granite Club memberships will get underway this spring.

Bids have been received for both priority projects. The Friends board had been told by the Sunset Beach playground contractor a price increase would take place in 2015, and a down payment of $29,000 would be needed to keep the current bid in place. The Friends board later received the good news that no price increase is expected this year. The bid for the LPN sports courts is good until April 1, 2015.

Additional efforts and special events to continue to raise money for these two projects are being planned. One option discussed is naming the playground or sports courts after an individual, family or company making a significant donation to either project. Anyone interested in this possibility can contact Susan Thompson at

Besides donations for these two priority projects, donations also have been received for each of six separate funds. About $1,700 was donated both to the Friends of Lake Panorama general fund and the LPN general fund. Nearly $1,000 was donated to both Panorama West and Shady Beach, with $550 to Boulder Beach.

Friends of Lake Panorama board members say they are pleased LPA members are making donations to recreational areas at Lake Panorama that interest them the most. The board will meet in early March, with one topic on the agenda being how money donated to these additional funds might be used. LPA members are encouraged to submit suggestions for how the money could be spent when they make a donation to one of the general funds.

Donors of $500 or more are listed on the Friends website. Where significant projects warrant, such as the Sunset Beach playground and the LPN sports courts, a sign recognizing large donors also will be erected near the completed project. Publicity and an annual report will be other ways donors are recognized.

Most donations so far have been made by check. But some have come through the Friends website using a credit card. Donations of securities also have been received through the Friends securities account with GCSB Investment Center in Panora. A donation form and complete details on donation options are available here.