Donations to Friends of Lake Panorama have made some recent upgrades at both Lake Panorama National and Panorama West possible. Two new signs featuring the Panorama West Golf Course and Clubhouse logo now are on display at the parking lot entrance, with one facing north and the other facing south.

The two new signs, which cost just under $700, were made possible by donations from two couples. Last December, Wade and Teresa Jensen donated $1,000, with $500 designated for use at Panorama West, and $500 for the Sunset Beach playground. Jay and Sue Merryman donated $500, with $200 for Panorama West and the remaining $300 to the Friends of Lake Panorama general fund.

Two new signs also are in place over east entrances at the LPN Conference Center. Both signs sport the LPN logo. The one on the south shows it’s the entrance to The Links Restaurant and Lounge. The one on the north shows it’s the entrance to the LPN Reception Hall.

The LPN signs were made possible by donations from businesses in the LPN Granite Club. This teebox sponsorship program began in 2008, when 12 businesses made monetary or in-kind contributions to Lake Panorama National to support the construction of Spikes. In 2014, management of the program shifted to Friends of Lake Panorama.

In the last 12 months, teebox sponsors contributed $6,000 to the Granite Club fund. All money raised is used for improvements at the LPN. Besides the two new signs, the donations supported the purchase of a mug chiller for The Links Lounge, two hot dog rollers, two chocolate fountains for use at receptions and other special events, a two-door stainless steel freezer, aluminum carts and other items for the LPN kitchen.

Current Granite Club members are American Equity, Brokers International, Ltd., Brokers International Financial Services, Bryton Insurance, Clover Ridge Interval Owners, Exterior Sheet Metal, Guthrie County State Bank/Lake Panorama Realty/GSCB Investment Center, Panora Telco, Mike Potthoff, Stanley Engineering, and Total Financial Solutions.

Seven holes on the LPN golf course are available for new Granite Club members. Entry into the Club follows the 2008 rules. Donors of $10,000 receive a teebox sign for a five-year period. Donors of $5,000 receive a sign for two years. As initial contracts expire, club members can choose to make another large donation, switch to an annual $500 donation, or have the sign removed. More information about the Granite Club is available by emailing