Sports Courts Construction to Begin this Fall

After a year of successful fundraising, the construction of new sports courts at Boulder Beach is expected to get underway this September.

In September 2016, the Friends of Lake Panorama board voted to raise funds for new sports courts, if the Lake Panorama Association board would commit matching funds in advance. At its October 2016 meeting, the LPA board voted to commit $50,000, contingent upon Friends raising $50,000.

The total cost of the planned project has always been $150,000, but the Friends board had set its initial goal at $100,000. The thinking was it could take two years to raise the full amount, but perhaps the tennis and pickleball courts could be built first, with the basketball court at a later time.

The fundraising campaign kicked off in November 2016. The Friends’ mailbox was filled with good news throughout December and the first two weeks of 2017. During that six-week period, $17,000 was received. That money added to the $8,000 donated in 2014 for an earlier sports courts proposal put the charity halfway to its first fundraising goal.

Donations continued to come in during the spring, and totaled $32,000 by the time the Friends of Lake Panorama Beach Ball was held May 6. The Beach Ball raised nearly $20,000, and pushed fundraising past its initial $50,000 goal.

That triggered a donation that was pledged last December. A $1,000 check was accompanied by a note from donors who at the time asked to remain anonymous. It read: “Since basketball has been a big part of our family over the years, if you hit your $100,000 goal, we’ll donate the $25,000 for the basketball court. Good luck!”

That donation now has been received, and the donors have agreed to be identified. They are Mark and Karen Einck of Perry, who also own a home on Lake Panorama’s main basin.

With $75,000 now in hand, the final funding piece occurred when the LPA board voted in May to match what Friends had raised, and proceed this year with the full $150,000 project.

At its June meeting, the LPA board voted to accept a recommendation from the Friends board to modify the original project. Instead of two tennis courts marked with pickleball lines, there will be a single tennis court with two adjacent pickleball courts. The result is three courts on a concrete slab that is smaller than the original layout with just two courts. This cost savings makes it possible to install the PowerGame sports surface on all courts, including the separate basketball court, plus fence all the courts.

For now, pickleball lines won’t be painted on the tennis court, so it can be used exclusively for tennis. If demand is strong in the future for an additional pickleball area, and the tennis court is open much of the time, lines can be added.  

LPA staff is managing the project in consultation with Friends of Lake Panorama. The location will be just south of the road leading into Boulder Beach, and east of the restrooms. A concrete vendor has been chosen, and will notify the LPA as soon as its know when workers will be onsite. Then some site preparation work will be done by LPA staff.

Friends of Lake Panorama continues to solicit donations to help pay for additional expenses such as benches and signage. While donations of all sizes are welcome, only donors of $500 or more are recognized on the Friends website. A sign listing these larger donors will be installed near the courts.

Friends of Lake Panorama is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that is separate from the Lake Panorama Association, and has a goal of improving recreational amenities at Lake Panorama. All contributions are tax deductible.