Sports Courts Open at Boulder Beach

The new sports courts at Boulder Beach opened in mid-June, and have been seeing lots of action since. The courts were especially busy during the Fourth of July holiday week, hosting many family groups.

Dick and Carolyn Koberg, who donated $5,000 to the sports courts project, were among Lake Panorama residents who brought family and friends to Boulder Beach for some fun.

“Over the Fourth of July week our families, grandkids and friends from the Iowa State University golf team enjoyed all the amenities of Boulder Beach. ‘Wow’ was the comment on the sports courts,” says Carolyn Koberg. “They enjoyed beach volleyball, pickleball, basketball and tennis. Boulder Beach has really become a place for families to gather. As noted from our guests, this is a great place to hang out and have fun!”

Friends of Lake Panorama began fundraising for sports courts in October 2014, with an original plan to renovate two tennis courts at the LPN. That early effort raised $7,500. By 2016, a more significant project emerged, and a new push for donations got underway.

The LPA board of directors voted in October 2016 to commit at least $50,000, once Friends raised $50,000. That December, Friends received a $1,000 donation from Mark and Karen Einck for the basketball court. That donation came with a handwritten note, saying basketball is important to the Einck family. They pledged another $25,000 once the initial $100,000 level was raised.

The Beach Ball held in May 2017 put fundraising over $75,000. At its meeting later that month, the LPA board of directors voted to match the money raised by Friends of Lake Panorama, and proceed with construction. By the time the project was complete, the LPA had contributed $100,000.

The Eincks visited the sports courts for the first time July 4. They have owned a home at Lake Panorama for nearly 20 years, and have a permanent residence in Perry.

“We take a lot of pride in community projects, and are fortunate to be able to help,” said Mark Einck. “We know our kids and grandkids will enjoy these courts for many years to come.”

The courts complex includes one tennis court, with two pickleball courts adjacent. These three courts are inside the same fenced enclosure. A separate fence surrounds a basketball court that features two half courts with Goalsetter MVP basketball systems. A PowerGame two-tiered surface covers the concrete base of the courts.

There is a concrete patio between the courts. Recent additions there are a large metal trash receptacle and two wooden memorial benches. The courts are open daylight hours, and available for play on a first-come, first-served basis.