Panorama West Rain Garden

A rain garden is a perennial flower garden strategically located to capture runoff from rain that falls on parking lots, roofs, driveways and yards. A rain garden was installed along the east side of the Panorama West clubhouse parking lot June 10.

The idea of installing a demonstration rain garden was discussed at a Friends of Lake Panorama board of directors meeting a year ago. Derek Namanny, an urban conservationist with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, began working with the group last fall. He visited Lake Panorama to look for possible rain garden locations, and found a good spot at Panorama West.

“A rain garden is a shallow bowl made in the landscape that is level from side to side and end to end,” Namanny says. “Rain gardens help reduce surface runoff and protect water quality. Runoff that travels to a rain garden is temporarily ponded, but it doesn’t stay ponded for long. Plants in the garden use the water, pollutants are filtered out, and the water percolates down through the soil, rather than running into streets and storm drains.” REST OF THE STORY

Rain Garden Plant Chart