Sports Courts Project

After a year of successful fundraising, the construction of new sports courts at Boulder Beach is underway. Friends of Lake Panorama raised $75,000, and the Lake Panorama Association matched that amount to complete the $150,000 project. 

The courts configuration has been modified from the original project. Instead of two tennis courts marked with pickleball lines, there will be a single tennis court with two adjacent pickleball courts. The result is three courts on a concrete slab that is smaller than the original layout with just two courts. This cost savings makes it possible to install the PowerGame sports surface on all courts, including the separate basketball court, plus fence all the courts. 

Completion is expected in October. The location is south of the road leading into Boulder Beach, and east of the restrooms.

Friends of Lake Panorama continues to solicit donations to help pay for additional expenses such as benches and signage. While donations of all sizes are welcome, only donors of $500 or more are recognized on the Friends website. A sign listing these larger donors will be installed in spring 2018 near the courts.